Metamor Keep

These stories are set in the Metamor Keep shared universe. You may want to read this page to familiarize yourself with the setting if you haven't heard of it.

Over 500 MK stories have been written and many intricate plots have been woven. My stories do not depend on any previously written works, so you don't have to read any other stories to understand what's going on. On the other hand, I do make nods to several established aspects of the universe that would likely be more entertaining to a fan of MK.

What follows is my complete story arc in this setting. Enjoy!

» To Steal a Tome
Those blasted Keepers! Curse them! Curse them all! Curse their haughty rules! Curse their blasting keep!!
» First Day
I believe my present situation is only slightly better than the dungeons. Though at least in the dungeons I did not have to deal with other people...
» Open Doors
I had the oddest of dreams last night.
» To Steal a Soul
... the leaves seemed to protrude from the creature's arms and side, as if it were born from the bush itself. The rest of its body was a conglomeration of dirt and stone, looking much like dried clay.
» Smiles
... Whatever in blazes had happened to her in there I had no idea, but my stomach welled in a knot as I got the feeling I was about to find out.
» Awareness
... The man screamed in agony as the blackness reduced him to a skeletal frame, then burst him to infinite pieces.
» Following
I hate snow.
» To Steal a Muffin (Collaboration with Michael Nastov)
"You wretched thief! I'll melt the flesh from your bones!"
» Three of White and Red
The fox approached with slow deliberate grace, black-tipped tail flowing in a hypnotic wave. "I have a Power. Would you like to know what it is?"
» To Steal a Fox
"That was nothing. We fight terrifying creatures while falling down bottomless pits all the time. It's a wizard thing."

Noncanon and other Musings

» MK Randomness
"Gah!" I spun around, covering my eyes. Why is the entire world so screwed up?
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