Welcome to my collection of fantasy tales, largely with fox and other animal transformation themes. I enjoy medieval-ish settings with plenty of magic and other such nonsense, so this is reflected in many of my works. I try to write stories that make you think, or at least dream a little!

I don't write professionally, nor do I aspire to. My intention is to have fun, and I hope you enjoy my stories at least a little bit as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Thanks for reading!


Virmir's Progress Log

Crimson Flag - Page 404
Saturday, January 21st 2017 12:00 AM CST
Escape Plan
Tuesday, January 17th 2017 12:11 AM CST

Volunteer: Aira Fox

Nobody tell him the wand made the monster giant.
Crimson Flag - Page 403
Saturday, January 14th 2017 12:00 AM CST
More Lucile Fluffdragon
Monday, January 9th 2017 11:29 PM CST

Features: hat, chest
Pokemon X
Monday, January 9th 2017 10:37 PM CST

Initial impressions.
5 Normal Taurs and 1 Gold Taur
Monday, January 9th 2017 5:45 PM CST

Also, one is fat.

Bottoms Up
Sunday, January 8th 2017 5:35 PM CST

Commission for PsychoFloatzel!
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