Short Stories

These are all quick, stand-alone stories.

» Abysses (New!)
"You've fallen into my trap, I'm afraid."
» The Fennec and the Naga
A huge globe of fire formed above his head. It would be dangerous, but he would rather risk a cave-in than a monster unslayed.
» Downward
What could be down there? No ship had ever flown so low and returned. Those that attempted were taken by the Pull and lost forever.
» Spells of Brigervan
"Bryce! Look out!!" Too late. The creature's rusty spear tore right through his stomach before he could even turn his head.
» A Moderately Comfortable Hole in the Ground
"Yes, please," I replied, "it would be wonderful if you could undo the spell."
» Slips of Paper
Arg! That blasted alarm! It's time to get up already? Ugh.
» Down the River
I called them "jackals" because, frankly, that's what they looked like. They had thin heads with sharp muzzles and pointed ears.
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